College Student of Capiz (It’s my prerogative)

Juan de la Cruz would think that the struggle for global crisis seemed to be so desperate especially for the newly born graduates of different fields’ expertise. Seemingly impossible, all graduates for this year might be affected by this event. Layouts of jobs were everywhere – small and large companies here and abroad. But despite of the happenings that surround the globe, we Filipinos find alternative solution to these dilemmas. It is innate that if problems occur solution is the next step to follow. College Student of Capiz try its best to educate themselves with fully equip knowledge of potential and skills that derived to a better output that no matter what the circumstances can override it.


As what it says, (from one of the quotes that struck me most pertaining to education)… EDUCATION is the essential foundation of the strong democracy. This seemed to be just. If you’re educated no one can harassed your potential as human nor degrades individual. Juan dela Cruz has its mouth to defend itself from the cruelness of this world. As long as you have it, you can fly your imagination to the extent that you’re going to stop and finally drop by to where you belong.  The utmost of individual comes with in a courageous person that is hidden and when finally open, as if it blooms around and touches others lives.


College Student of Capiz fights to be competitive no matter the hindrances are. Aim high and build bridges of your own and fly your imagination and someday who knows where going to meet each other along the road.  Good luck and God Bless.

Narrative Report (OJT) – Philippine Airlines

Philippine Airlines


    One of the requirements as graduating students of the College of Computer Studies is On-the-Job Training. This Training exposes us to the real environment of a certain organization. Thus, adjusting oneself and mingling others is a must to cope up with different standards and attitudes of every individual in a particular field of industry. In furtherance, OJT will be a bridge to enhance our skills in communication and technical activities that makes it a plus point the sooner we landed a job and help ease the culture shock while dealing with different specialized people of their expertise.

         We went to other organizations to have an OJT but sad to say there were already different students from different schools who had come first to conduct an OJT. We were already desperate, hopeless and we’re running out of time. We come to a decision and somebody solicited an idea “Why not try Philippine Airlines?” Due to lack of time, we went directly to the Branch Manager of Philippine Airlines, Roxas City and submit a letter for approval in conducting an OJT in their organization.

        Knowing that we are already accepted to conduct an OJT, our worries were then blown up by the wind as if our heart felt empty with thorn and pains of miseries. The manager told us the Don’ts and Do’s in the company like;


       Wearing of Formal Attire

  • Good Grooming
  • Be On Time


  • Do not go out in the Airline field without wearing a vest
  • Do not wear slippers
  • Do not wear “maong” pants
  • Don’t be shy


      Then our journey started in PAL… our first week was a disastrous one. Why? Exactly 5 am on the very first day of our report in the office the router was damaged due to faulty electrical wiring of transformer by CAPELCO. So all the computer transaction were then changed to manual type. The manager let us stays in his office for an hour or so because of what had happened. In that day we were oriented on what to do and exposes to other employees as well.

 Check in Area

       We were trained on what specific things to do in the check in area like weighing the baggage’s, tagging with an international, local, perishable, push ups and fragile stickers and of the course adding baggage number and how it weighs. We were told also the allowed kilo of baggage and allowed kilo of hand carry. We were assigned also to PAL number seats in rows and columns. On the second day we were trained on what to do in the manual system. It was so strenuous even the employees were busy that time. We assist them at the back and we are always alert to avoid destruction. We were oriented also about the mandatory elements and the cleanliness around the check in area.

      In that disastrous and strenuous week the unforgettable part was when my classmate cried and I almost had a teary eye then because the airplane departed late due to some error in using manual system. The manager that time was instructing the employees about the places of the seats and one of the employees were saying many times “who arranged the number of seats” and one of my classmates says that we are the one who did it. But we explained everything in the manager that what we’ve done was according to what they had oriented. The manager told the employees that “we must foresee what is going to happen by using the manual system and besides they were here for an OJT and they are not responsible for any wrongdoings”. After that event we were then treated by the manager to Mang Inasal and there it started our communication to the manager as well to the employees. They always say that we were the best batch so far who had an OJT in their company no wonder because we always let them laugh with jokes and nonsense stories.

Ticketing Office

        We are assigned in answering the phone for clients who wants to inquire in a specific date of flight, lucky you are if the customer is in good mood. We also type in the Documental Transmittal or Acknowledgement Receipt, Shipping Order ( we type certain records then pass it to the cargo area) Enroll mabuhay miles; Updated forms (air them back to Manila) We also do an accounting like the domestic sales report – xt, pv, difference, We also do minor forms ages below 12. We are also assigned to print the tickets and pass it the cashier. In ticketing area we were then given a short examination by one of the employees on how to use the electronic system of ticketing.

Cargo Area

  • We were taught on the correct placement of records
  • We do inventory by months
  • We also had photocopies and place that in a folder for inventory of files
  • We also do computation


       The employees and the manager had a party in Baybay beach after the office hours. We were then invited to their party. We were so happy upon hearing it that finally they made us part of their organization. We did videoke, ate lot of foods, some of my classmates drink beer together with the employees except me. They wanted me to try at least one bottle of beer, but I never indulged myself to liquor. Hehehe.




College Life in Capiz


I’m a college student of Capiz from the school of Filamer Christian College. What it takes to be a college student is a strenuous, difficult yet a learning experience to everybody. The essence of independence from parents is evolved during this stage. A lot of students were into boarding houses due to far away home from school. Budgeting and mingling to other people into the new place is difficult in the first stay but on the second half, one’s confidence progresses.  But the whole experience of individual possesses the right attitude of the new beginning that will rise from a young innocent smiles to a new you.  College in Capiz is a breathtaking one! 


What are the primary reasons of finishing studies? to be continued…..

Are we ready?

Are we ready?



















Filamerian Student


Filamerian Student will always be competitive and will connect bridges of their own to fulfill their dreams, passion and love of their chosen fields. Likely, to others it is their great honor to their school to have them educate with full potential that will blossom and help others succeed too. Aim high and soar high!

Cebu Educational Tour

Cebu Educational Tour

          As what it states in the students’ handbook “Filamer Christian College is committed to the education of the whole person, the development of God-given talents; enrichment of the intellect; the refinement of character; reverence to God and appreciation of Gods Creation. Thus, this describes or embodies the reputation of us Filamerian Student. We are not only educate to be intellectually competent students but with spiritual spices of good moral character into others and ourselves. In furtherance, we are physically, spiritually and intellectually coated with these terminologies on our logo. Physically we our encourage to join some extracurricular activities, mingling to others through sports, literary and musical contest to developed one self-confidence and indulged to some activities that we want without hesitation. Spiritually, we are taught how to bring back to God our own little way of thanking Him for the greatness of the earth and the people that surrounds us. We also have this Christian Emphasis Week (C.E.W.) every semester with different speakers that discuss their struggles of life and teach us God’s ways. Finally, the Intellectual aspects of the student with different chosen fields are well trained and develop for future career opportunities. The total development of individual as Filamerian Student relies only if they focused with these three aspects.

Captivating Capiz – Municipality of Pan-ay

Captivating Capiz is the keyword tag used for the mini SEO contest here in the Province of Capiz. Here we will know all the necessary strategies used for optimizing one site. Students, professionals and who may it be shows there best as competition moves along. Fascinating to know that this is the very first blog I’ve posted in my life. In connection, I’m presenting my beloved municipality where I am currently residing and proud to be called a Pan-ayanon! Be captivated by the outstanding beauty of Capiz. As you can see in the upper corner of this page, an aerial view of Panay and how it looks like above. Trully fascinating.

Panay Church

Santa Monica Parish Church

Owing to the shortage of food in Cebu. Legazpi moved to Panay in 1569. On the bank of the Panay River, he founded the second Spanish settlement in the Philippines. This settlement is now the town of Pan-ay in Capiz Province that captivates the spaniards due to its bountiful food and weather climate.

At the beginning, the Panay Filipinos where hostile. But owing to the apostolic labours of Fr. Juan de Alba and other Augustinian missionaries, they were pacified and captivates by the alluring of Legazpi and finally became friends.

Two Chiefs of Panay, Datu Macabaog and Madidadang, were converted to Christianity by the Augustinian missionaries and became good friends of Legazpi.

(Zaide, Sonia M. The Philippines; A unique Nation with Gregorio F. Zaide. History of the Republic of the Philippines, 2nd Edition, Quezon City: All Nation Publishing Co., Inc., Copyright1999, p89.)

Currently, Panay keeps on improving its status every year. Mayor Dante Bermejo beautifies the Municipal Hall inside and out. They changed the old structures to a new one, possibly like a Spanish zone that attracts the eyes. Same with the outside appearance in front of the Santa Monica Parish Church that illuminates the plaza as if you are outside the country. Thanks to Mayor Vic Bermejo of Roxas City because during his reign as Governor of Capiz he donated in renewing the front of the church. There are hearsay that at the back of the Santa Monica Parish Church there would be a place a lotted for statues, these statues are for expressing the Historical events that happened in the past. Hoping this hearsay will be implemented to attract more tourists respectively. Changes reall1y is happening in the Municipality of Panay because there are still ongoing projects of the current Mayor. “Itib-ong ang Dungang Manngad sang Pan-ay!” Indeed fascinating

Did you know?

Pan-ay is the first Capital of Capiz.

Pan-ay being the first organized community in the province was made the first capital (Cabezera) of Capiz, during the early Spanish regime. Even the “Gobernador” of Capiz has been officially residing in this town where the “care real” was located. The first governor appointed by King Phillip II of Spain was a Spaniards by the name of Pavis. Although other settlements like Capiz nor Roxas City, Pontevedra, and Pilar were established, Pan-ay being more organized was chosen to be a favor of the Governor and the Priests as the “Provincia” or the Capital of Capiz. Pavis did not live long and his remains were buried inside the Church or Pan-ay. After the death of Pavis, the site of Provincia or the Capital was then moved to Capiz, now Roxas City. The basic reason of the transfer was access of water transformation. The succeeding governors then lived in Capiz, (Roxas City). (Reference: Linnga –Anay 2008)

The Principal focus of development:


Develop and sustain the productivity and efficiency of the agriculture sector through: provision of access to Specialized Credit Programs Technology Enhancement and Adoption Infrastructure Development (irrigation, post harvest facilities) Promotion of Corp Diversification and Intensification Elimination of Crop Disease and Infestation


Enhance, regenerate and sustain level of productivity and efficiency of inland and coastal fishery resources Rehabilitate marine ecosystems and watershed areas. Educate fishing communities on coastal resources protection and conservation. Access for marginalized fishing communities to socialized credit facilities and alternative livelihood Protection of mangrove forests. Inter – LGU cooperation and management of fishery resources through the Pilar Bay Management and Conservation Program (composed of coastal Municipalities of Panay, Pontevedra, President Roxas and Pilar)


To develop and harness tourism potentials as another economic base of the municipality Tap and utilize the assistance of the department of Trade and Industry for the Tourism development in the area To promote tourism related investment To Fully put in place basic infrastructure support facilities


Provision, maintenance and development of basic infrastructure facilities and utilities Enhance provincial/municipal/barangay farm to market roads Rehabilitate/construct hanging footbridges in the municipality Fully energize all forty-two (42) barangay of the municipality. Expand services like water, energy, and communication services to designated municipality growth centers.


Maintenance of environmental sanitation and cleanliness within the municipality acquire garbage dumpsite/landfill and other facilities acquisition of waste disposal technology. Establish and enforce national and local environmental laws and ordinances Increase community awareness on the effects of indiscriminate waste and garbage disposal.

Town’s Fiesta

Panay has a Municipal Fiesta called Lingga- anay with different themes every year. We all know that fiesta is the Filipinos ultimate expression of gratitude and solidarity. Thus, Panayanon celebrates fiesta for creatively manifest their thanks and appreciation for the blessings they have received from the previous year. The joyous event also highlights the success of barangay residents from last year’s harvest that captivates the best things happened from the entire year.

College Life – “a memoria”


Taoist Temple

Taoist Temple


     College life – “a memoria” speaks of the unforgettable, reminiscing and blast from the past moments. Learning from this events may count forward as we move different stages of life. The enduring happiness and struggling difficulties are the reasons why life is meant to be new everyday. We rock our world from what we are doing and end up our own due to what we’ve done. A memoria that makes the appearance of the entire college life a remarkable to maturity life.

    College life is indeed a stepping stone that makes it vivid to oneself development. Experiencing difficulties and unraveling to the new environment and adjusting to the people that surrounds with it are the essential aspect of a college student. And everything seems so difficult considering that most students complain about their projects and other schoolwork, deadlines and cramming schedules due mediocrity. Because of these stigmas, people are usually scared to enter the conditions of college life, which also lead to anxieties over the entire student population. Add to that the peer pressures one may experience since college life is primarily more delegated to maturity principles of growth. Each may have a particular sense to individual yet with right attitude, passion, and optimism at all times…. College is just a blink of an eye.

       Expectation counts during this chapter of life. One expect that the institution will guide them in progress, professors with highly boozing strict attitude and intellectual expertise, classmates with differing talents/skills, intellectual capabilities, joker, saint, and a gossiper. Knowing where to get along with this highly individual and trusting one self into a group will change you into a better person or worst than what you expect. I’m happy that I found my own home with an angelic friend, somehow. Take a glance from the back and you will remember all the unexpected and expected events in college life.



Importance of Domain name to a website

Domain name plays a vital role in SEO. It is an addressing construct used in searching computers in the internet. The shorter the domain name  the better. Due to its uniqueness and lieu of ip adress it could easily be found and remembered by the people who tends to visit the said domain.